Eastern NC Fall Junction

October 23, 2015 / October 25, 2015 - All Day

River Park North, Greenville, NC



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For registered Navigators and Adventurers and leaders

Woodlands are invited to join for day activities on Saturday but do not need to register and will not receive a patch

The Area Standard is up for grabs again. Bring your best and compete to be top troop.

We will also be carving pumpkins. Everyone is asked to bring and carve a pumpkin and leave it with the park facility for their festival.  So bring a pumpkin, your knife and your best creativity.

Trailmanstandard skills competition featuring:

  • Animal ID
  • Tracking
  • Spear Toss!!!                                       Events and Scoring
  • Knots
  • Lashings
  • Blindfolded Bucket Ball
  • Flag Presentation
  • Fire Building
  • and Trail Life Knowledge

Located at River Park North in Greenville, NC. There is also an environmental education center with aquarium and touch tanks. May also include a special reptile or bat program from park staff.
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3:00 – 8:00 P.M.  Unit Check in.

8:30 – 9:00 P.M.   Cracker Barrel – Area Headquarters

9:00 P.M.              Leaders Meeting – Area Headquarters

10:45 P.M.             Taps

11:00 P.M.             Lights Out


Adult Homework Help Saturday

7:00 A.M.              Reveille

7:30 A.M.              Breakfast, Clean Up & Devotion

8:45 A.M.              Flag Raising & Junction Opening – Area Headquarters,  Trading post opens

9:00 – 12:00 P.M. Junction Events

12:00 -1:30 PM     Lunch

1:30 – 4:30 P.M.   Junction Events

4:30 – 5:30 P.M.   Troop Time

5:30 – 7:00P.M.    Supper – Troop Campsite

7:00                       Flag Lowering

7:15 P.M.               Troop Parade

7:25 P.M.               Troop Roll Call

7:30 P.M.              Evening Program

10:45 P.M.             Taps

11:00 P.M.             Lights Out



7:00 A.M.              Reveille

7:30 A.M.              Breakfast

8:45 A.M.              Flag Raising

9:00 A.M.              Worship Service  –  No Breaking Camp during Worship Service

10:00 A.M.            Clean up Campsite and Checkout

Junction Events

  http://aviusa.org/write-essays-for-cash/ Write Essays For Cash Animal ID – Maximum Points 150

What was that? Did you see that Thing!

Korean War Essay This event has 15 pictures or mounts of North Carolina Animals.  The patrol members are to identify as many as they can.   When they believe they know what it is, they are to I.D. them to the event operator.  They should spend a few minutes of discussion and looking at them first!

All Patrols Members must participate

Scoring: 10 points for each correctly identified animal

Time Limit:  15 minutes

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt

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Animal Tracks – Maximum Points 100

What has been in my back pack?  Where did it go?

This event has 10 pictures or cast of North Carolina Animals.  The patrol members are to identify as many as they can.   When they believe they know what left the tracks, they are to I.D. them to the event operator.  They should spend a few minutes of discussion and looking at them first!

All Patrols Members must participate

Scoring: 10 points for each correctly identified animal

Time Limit:  15 minutes

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt


Spear Toss – Maximum Points 100

It’s in the book so you don’t forget it”

This event will test the boys on their knowledge of Trail Life Advancement.  10 Questions will come from the Advancement section of the Trailman Handbook.  Trailman will be asked a question and then select their answer which will be on at target down range.  They are to choose a spear and hit their selected target.

All Patrol Members must participate.

Ok to use your Trailman Handbook

Scoring: 10 points for each correct target selected

Time Limit: 20 minutes

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt


Ropework Knots– Maximum Points 120

What a bunch of “Knot Heads”

This challenge will test the patrol members on their knot tying skills.  In a relay format they will tie all 6 of the Trail Life Knots required for the Ropework Trail Badge:

Square, Bowline, Two Half Hitches, Taut Line Hitch, Clove Hitch, Timber Hitch

Knots will be tied to be used in an application.

All Patrols Members must participate

Scoring: 20 points for each correctly tied knot

Time Limit: 20 minutes

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt


Ropework Lashing – Maximum Points 200

“Gadgets Galore”

This challenge is to make up to 4 useful “Camp Gadgets” using your lashing skills defined in the requirements of the Ropework Trail Badge.  Approved Lashing that can be used are: Square, Diagonal, Sear, Tripod, Round & Floor Lashings as listed in Ropework Trail Badge requirement #4.

Points will be awarded based on how many lashing are used properly on each Gadget:

1 – 2 lashing = 20 points  /  3-4 lashing = 30 points

5-6 lashing = 40 points  /  7+ lashing = 50 points

All Patrols Members must participate.

Scoring: As listed above

Time Limit 60 minutes

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt


Blindfolded Bucket Ball – Maximum Points 150

“Labron James can do it”

With only voice commands, the Patrol Leader instructs the blindfolded patrol in tossing a ball into select buckets.  Buckets will be labeled with points based on distance of the shot.  So the farther the shot, the more points earned.  Only one patrol member at a time can toss a ball.   Patrol will only be allowed 15 balls

All Patrols Members must participate.

Scoring: Based points earned per shot

Time Limit: 20 minutes

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt

The Flag – Maximum Points 150

“Oh say can you See…”

Patrol will demonstrate the following:

Station 1:  Properly Fold the American Flag

Station 2:          Identify the Properly Displayed American Flag

Station 3: Make a diagram of the American Flag, labeling all its parts.  (As listed in Our Flag Trail Badge Requirement 3)   

Once completed, their objective is to raise the “Patrol Flag” using water pressure.  Water will be used to float the Patrol Flag to the finished height.   Patrol members will work as a team to gather water from a nearby stream using a leaking bucket.  Once the flag has been raised, the Patrol will give their Patrol Yell and proceed to the finish line.

All Patrols Members must participate.

Scoring: Station 1 – 25 points, Station 2 – 25 points, Station 3 – 25 points, raising the patrol flag 50 – points, Patrol yell – 25 points

Time Limit: 30 minutes

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt


Hot Water – Maximum Points – 150

“Boil Baby…Boil”

Objective is to bring cup of water to a rolling boil so that it boils over into the fire.   Fire lay cannot be taller than the bottom of the cup.  Cup will be on a grill screen 4” off the ground.  Flint and Steel must be used to start your fire. You may use any materials, such as dryer lint or charred cloth to help start, but may not use items that have been artificially treated, such as paraffin soaked tinder.  Patrols are required to carry their own tinder and enough wood to start a fire.

All Patrols Members must participate

Scoring:  Points will be awarded based on the amount of time taken to bring the water to a rolling boil.  Time starts at the Patrols first spark.

Starting a fire 50 points

Boiling the water within:  10 minutes – 100 points, 11 minutes – 90 points, 12 minutes – 80 points, 13 minutes – 70 points, 14 minutes – 60 points, 15 or more minutes – 50 points.

Time Limit: 25 minutes

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt


Trail Life Knowledge – Maximum Points 150

“Let’s get this meeting started”

Troop Opening – 25 Points:

Patrols must hold a mock Troop meeting opening which should consist on reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag & Christian Flag (or Bible), Trailman Oath, Trailman Motto and Prayer**.  Trailman Handbook pages xii – xv (1st addition)

Scoring: 5 points for each one correctly given.

Trailman Recognize their own – 15 Points

Must demonstrate proper Trailman Sign, Salute and Handshake. Trailman Handbook Page xiii. (1st addition)

Scoring: 5 points for each one correctly given.

Trail Life Program – 50 points

Must explain the 5 programs of Trail Life USA. Trailman Handbook pages xi. (1st addition)

Scoring: 10 points for each correctly explained program.

Ranks & Awards – 60 Points

Patrols must list Ranks of the Navigators and Awards earned in the Adventurer Program.  Trailman Handbook pages vxiii – xix(1st addition)

All Patrol member must participate

Scoring: 10 points for each correctly given Ranks and Awards

** Earn extra 10 bonus points for starting your prayer with the phrase: “A Trailman Honors God”

***Earn 5 bonus points for Trailman Spirt



Points and Awards

Maximum Points 1,270

Maximum Bonus Points 55

Total Possible Points 1,325


Blue Ribbon             1,016 + points  (= 80%+ of Maximum Points)

Red Ribbon             889 to 1016 points (=70%+ of Maximum Points)

Yellow Ribbon         762 to 888 points (=60%+ of Maximum Points)

White Ribbon          Less than 761 points (less than 60% of Maximum Points)

LOCATION:                                        River Park North, 1000 Mumford Rd, Greenville, NC  27834


PARTICIPATION:                            Junction is open to all registered Navigators and Adventures Trailman and their adult leaders.                                                                    Woodlands Trails are invited to attend from 9-4:30 on Saturday.


REGISTRATION:                              Early Registration $12 per Trailman & Adult Leaders. Early Registration ends 9/30/14.                                                                      Regular Registration beginning 10/1/14 is $15/person.


CHECK-IN:                                         Starts at 3:00 P.M. Friday October 24th 2015.  Troops must notify Junction Staff in the                                                                   event of arrival after 8pm.


UNIFORM:                                         We encourage Troops to wear Troop themed T-Shirts or official Trail Life USA apparel.


PATROLS:                                           The recommended Patrol size is 6 -8 members with a maximum of 10.  Patrols are                                                                   encouraged to carry their Patrol Flag during the entire weekend.


SKIT/SONG:                                       Each Troop is asked to have a skit or song for the Saturday night campfire.


TROOP PARADE:                             Parade starts promptly at 7:15PM Saturday night immediately following the flag lowering.                                                                      Troops should parade around the campfire circle before entering the campfire arena.


LEADERSHIP MEETING:             9:00 PM Friday night at Area Headquarters.  1st Officer and at least 1 Adult Leader is required to                                                                   attend.


PARKING:                                           Parking of all motorized vehicles will only be allowed in designated lots.  One vehicle will                                                                   be allowed to drop off a troop trailer in the campsite but then must return to the parking                                                                   lot with all other vehicles.


RESTROOMS:                                    Bathrooms are available near the main building and will remain open throughout the event.


DRINKING WATER:                       Water is available at numerous places.


WASTE:                                               Waste water and trash must be disposed of in designated areas only.  Please practice                                                                   Tread Lightly principals.


TROOP CAMP FIRES:                     Troop campfires must be above ground in a fire pit table or similar. No digging.  Bring your                                                                   own fire wood.


TRADING POST:                               Trail Life USA Eastern NC will operate a Trading Post offering a variety of drinks, snacks,                                                                   and merchandise.   All proceeds will serve the needs of the Trail Life USA program in                                                                   Eastern N.C.


PATCHES:                                           Each registered Trailman and Leader will receive a 2015 Junction patch on Sunday                                                                   morning after the successful completion of the unit’s campsite inspection.  Extra patches                                                                   from this event will be available at checkout while supplies last for $1/patch.  After the                                                                   event, those patches are $15.


SAFETY & FIRST AID:                    Minor first aid is the Units responsibility. Major first aid problems will be handled by calling                                                                   9-1-1 and alerting Junction first aid staff.  First Aid Station will be provided.


MEDICATIONS:                                The unit leaders are responsible for any medication needs of their campers per the Trail Life                                                                   USA Health and Safety Guide.  Refrigeration is not available.  Please advise us in                                                                   advance of any special needs.


NO NO’s:                                             No…firearms, trenching of tents, public tobacco use, alcohol, abusive language, etc…


WEATHER:                                        Event is rain or shine.  Shelter will be provided in event of severe weather.


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