2016 NC Trail Life Summer Camp

July 24, 2016 / July 30, 2016 - All Day

William B. Umstead State Park




Registration starts at


7 days, 6 nights
Registration Now Open

Optional Add-On Activities

- High Adventure Iron Man Trek
– Paddling/Sailing
– Rifle Shooting
– Rock Climbing

Summer Camp Information Presentation   Leader’s Guide



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Welcome to 2016 NC Trail Life Summer Camp

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Dear Parent/Leader,


Thank you for taking time out of your busy summer schedule to provide the trailmen in your unit with the experience of a lifetime. Trail Life USA’s program is designed to use the enormous opportunities for leadership and character development that arise from outdoor experiences to raise Godly husbands, fathers, and citizens. From our swimming and first aid program to our off-site excursions and High Adventure Iron Trailman Trek, the programs at this camp are designed to help your trailmen grow both as young men and disciples of Christ.

The Trail Life USA model for summer experiences is not one that concentrates on badges and advancements. Instead, troops are encouraged to use the unique opportunity a week-long summer event provides for trailmen to experience adventure that they otherwise couldn’t. But in order to take your trailmen backpacking the Appalachian Trail, or whitewater rafting, your trailmen need to know how to swim, pitch a tent, and start a fire. With that in mind, our base camp program is designed as a beginner summer camp experience. In this program, all trailmen will learn skills in swimming, first aid, rope work, woods tools, camping, cooking, environmental science, and science and technology. Our goal is that every trailman who attends camp, leaves knowing how to swim proficiently.

In addition to the base camp program, we are also excited to offer three off-site half-day excursions including paddling and sailing, rifle shooting, and indoor rock climbing. Our High Adventure Iron Trailman Trek is designed to challenge those advanced trailmen in your troop who are already experienced and skilled in the areas of the base camp program. This 50 mile paddle, bike, and backpacking trip will be an exciting adventure for even the most outgoing trailmen.

Keeping with the core values of Trail Life USA we also incorporate worship and devotions throughout the week. Troops and patrols will have daily devotion times, and we will start the week with a Sunday worship service. Our Camp Chaplain will also be available to help every trailmen in their individual walk with Christ.

If that’s not enough, summer camp provides a unique opportunity for camaraderie and fellowship with other troops and leaders. Many camp games and competitions are planned throughout the week. Don’t forget adult leader training from Lifeguard or First Aid & CPR certification or the latest Troop Track assistance. With all this to do, your entire troop is destined to have a great summer experience.



Walk Worthy,


Daryl Norris

Camp Director

Point Man Eastern North Carolina





Participation in the programs of Trail Life USA is the same for everyone without regard to race, color, age, religion, disability, or national origin. NC Trail Life 2016 Summer Camp is hosted by Trail Life of Eastern North Carolina, a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to support activities of Trail Life USA. The camp facilities at William B. Umstead State Park are owned and operated by the North Carolina State Parks system. All program staff and camp directors are volunteers and registered members of Trail Life USA. All program staff have passed a criminal background check, youth protection training, and subscribe to the Faith and Values of Trail Life USA. Catering is provided by private contractor licensed and insured in North Carolina. Waterfront and First Aid staff are trained and certified in their respective positions. The Summer Camp and Trail Life of Eastern North Carolina operates in compliance with all relevant laws, codes, ordinances, statutes, and regulations as well as the rules of William B. Umstead State Park and the Health and Safety Guidelines of Trail Life USA. The Camp Director has a right to exclude or remove participants whose behavior is inappropriate for the defined mission and values of the Trail Life USA.

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How to Register for Camp

The Troop Deposit Deadline has passed and we are nearing capacity.  If your troop is interested in attending and has not yet registered, please contact TrailLifeENC@gmail.com to be put on the wait list.  Once we have a more accurate confirmed headcount, we can hopefully squeeze you in.

Your troop can register for your summer camp as early as Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015. Troops wishing to attend must first have one leader register the troop and pay a $100 troop deposit at http://mkt.com/TrailLifeENC/summer-camp-troop-deposit . Once the troop is registered, the troop leader will be emailed a unique troop registration password and a one-time coupon code for $100 that can be applied to an individual registration. After the troop is registered, individual trailmen and leaders may register using the link and troop registration password provided by the troop leader. All registrants MUST have a troop registration password to register. Trailman wishing to attend provisionally (without their troop) should email TrailLifeENC@gmail.com and will be put in contact with the leaders of a registered troop for potential “adoption” for the week. All troops attending must register and have at least 2-deep leadership at the camp at all times. Adult leaders that wish to stay for a portion of the week and trade out with another leader for the remainder of the week, may do so without paying additional registration, so long as the total number present at any time does not exceed those registered. In these cases, please register one of the leaders and email the Camp Director for how register the alternates.


Program Costs
Early Bird Base Camp $190.00
Base Camp $200.00
Paddle/Sail Excursion Add-On $20.00
Shooting Excursion Add-On $20.00
Climbing Excursion Add-On $20.00
High Adventure Trek Add-On $50.00

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Fee Schedule

Payment Options

Individuals pay $25 deposit at time of registration and then choose between 3 payment options:

  • Pay full amount up front
  • 2 payments (3/31 & 5/31)
  • 3 payments (3/31, 4/31, & 5/31)


Payment plans are auto-billed on the dates shown to the credit card used to register. Payment plans divide the remaining balance equally over the remaining payments.




Every trailman, leader, and staff that attends summer camp must be registered with Trail Life USA.  Youth registration is limited to Navigators and Adventures (rising 6th graders – age 18). Parents and siblings who are not registered with Trail Life USA are not allowed to attend summer camp. Insurance is provided by Trail Life USA. Troops should complete and turn in the appropriate activity forms to their charter organization and potentially the home office.




All fees are refundable until May 31, 2016, less the $25.00 deposit. After May 31st, fees are transferable to another person, but not refundable. Emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Every registrant must sign two waivers upon registration.  The first is a standard participation waiver, and the second is a photo release.  These are signed electronically during registration but are also copied here.

Participation Waiver

Photo Release



Medical Forms
  • Every youth and adult must have a completed current Trail Life USA “Weekend Health and Medical Form” AND a “High Adventure Medical Exam Form” signed by a physician within the past 12 months , regardless of program.
  • No other medical forms are accepted. All medical forms are turned in upon arrival at camp and maintained at the health lodge during your stay.
  • Make sure that the form is filled out completely, including attaching copies of insurance cards and dates of immunizations
  • On arrival in camp, everyone is given a private medical screening by a physician, health officer, or other adult approved by the camp physician
  • Medications can be kept by the unit leader so long as proper locked storage is Medications can be left with the health officer and administered by the camp health lodge staff if desired. Please use the pre-camp health questionnaire to verify the health of your trailmen before arrival







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