2016 Fall Junction

October 21, 2016 / October 23, 2016 - All Day




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Where:  Cedar Point Campground

Croatan National Forest

850 Cedar Point Blvd, Croatan Forest Road,

Cedar Point, NC 28584

When:  October 21-23, 2016

What’s Included:  Campsite, Pier Pass, Patch

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For registered Navigators and Adventurers and leaders.

Woodlands are invited to join for day activities on Saturday but do not need to register and will not receive a patch or pier pass.

The Area Standard is up for grabs again. Bring your best and compete in the fishing tournament, sand castle competition, and other events to be top troop.


Everyone attending the junction should bring an item or monetary donation to the junction to contribute to the flood relief efforts.  The area itself also intends to contribute items and funds.  See below for a list of specific items needed.

  • Rubbermade or plastic containers for the shelters to use to organize items.
  • canned and non-perishable food
  • Air mattresses or cots
  • hypoallergenic laundry detergent,
  • gripper socks,
  • children’s underwear,
  • kids sizes t-shirts,
  • men’s boxers,
  • women’s underwear,
  • child and adult socks (preferably non-skid socks),



5:00 – 8:00 P.M.  Unit Check in.

8:30 – 9:00 P.M.   Cracker Barrel – Area Headquarters

9:00 P.M.              Leaders Meeting – Area Headquarters

10:45 P.M.             Taps

11:00 P.M.             Lights Out



7:00 A.M.              Reveille

7:30 A.M.              Breakfast, Clean Up & Devotion

8:00 A.M.              Flag Raising & Junction Opening

8:15 – 8:45 A.M.   Transport to Bogue Inlet Pier

9:00 A.M.              Fishing Tournament & Events Begin

12:00 P.M.            Lunch at Pier on your own

4:00 P.M.              Fishing Tournament & Events End

4:00 – 4:30 P.M.   Transport back to Campground

4:30 – 6:30P.M.    Supper – Troop Campsite

6:45                       Flag Lowering

7:00 P.M.              Evening Campfire Program

10:45 P.M.             Taps

11:00 P.M.             Lights Out



7:00 A.M.              Reveille

7:30 A.M.              Breakfast

8:15 A.M.              Flag Raising

8:30 A.M.              Worship Service  –  No Breaking Camp during Worship Service

9:30 A.M.            Clean up Campsite and Checkout

There are three main events, fishing tournament, sandcastle building, and scavenger hunt.  Each of these events will earn points toward the overall troop total.  Participation is optional and all three will be held simultaneously but to score the maximum points a troop would need to have at least one representative complete each event.


Fishing Tournament (surf and pier) Rules

1.  All regulations must be followed for creel and size according to the North Carolina Marine Fisheries regulation book
2.  The troop with the five longest regulation fish combined lengths will be the winner 1st 2nd and 3rd place.
3.  Sharks, Skates, and Rays do not count.
4.  Fish may be kept if within the legal regulations.
5. Surf fishing is allowed within a mark distance from the pier which will be determined upon arrival.  Those 16 years or older must have a NC coastal fishing liscense to fish from the surf.
6. Length will be determined by either total length or fork length depending on the published regulation method.  If no method is specified, total length will be used.
7.  Measurements may be recorded by either a judge witness and initial on the score card, OR a photograph showing the ENTIRE fish with the measuring tape with 0 at the tip of the mouth.  This allows fish to be caught, photographed, and released alive.
8.  Nets may be used to bring fish up on the pier. Cast Nets may be used for Bait fish. Any fish caught in the cast net while doing this may not be used as a total length. Fish used for the five fish combined weight must be caught with a hook.
9.  Live or artificial bait is allowed as well as all legal tackle.
10.  Individual prizes will be given out for largest fish, smallest fish, and more.


Sand Castle Competition Rules

1.  Only standard hand garden tools may be used in the construction of the sand castle.  No gasoline or electric Tools can be used.

2.  Sandcastle will be judged on originality, creativity and height from the natural Beach elevation. The Sandcastle must be deconstructed and the beach must look like it did or better than before construction began.
3.  Cosmetic decorations, if used must be that which is only found on the beach such as seashells and driftwood.
4.  The height of the sand castle will be measured to the top of the sand layer if a stick is used to increase the height just does not count.
5.  Extra credit will be given for the best Trailman themed sand castle
6.  Troops may build as many sandcastles as they wish but only the highest scoring castle per troop will count toward the overall troop competition.


Scavenger Hunt Rules – To be announced at the Junction


LOCATION:   Cedar Point Campground, 850 Cedar Point Blvd, Croatan Forest Road, Cedar Point, NC 28584


PARTICIPATION:   Junction is open to all registered Navigators and Adventures Trailman and their adult leaders.  Woodlands Trails are invited to attend on Saturday for the fishing but are not camping, do not need to register, do not receive a patch, and will need to pay for their own pier ticket.


REGISTRATION:   Early Registration $20 per Trailman & Adult Leaders. Early Registration ends 9/30/14.  Regular Registration beginning 10/1/14 is $25/person.


CHECK-IN:  Starts at 5:00 P.M. Friday October 21st 2016.  Troops must notify Junction Staff in the event of arrival after 8pm.


CAMPSITES:   Cedar Point Campground is a public campground facility and there will be other campers there who are not with Trail Life USA.  Please be courteous at all times.  The campsites are typical back-in camper style campsites with water and electricity.  Each campsite is limited to 8 people.  There are limited sites available so register early.


PARKING:   Parking of all motorized vehicles will only be allowed in designated spaces.  A maximum of two vehicles per campsite is allowed and all wheels of vehicles and trailers must remain on the paved area.  There is very minimal over flow parking, please carpool as much as possible.


TENTS:   Tents are allowed to be placed in the grassed or gravel areas.


RESTROOMS:   Bathrooms with showers are available in the campground.


DRINKING WATER:   Water is available at numerous places.


UNIFORM:   We encourage Troops to wear Troop themed T-Shirts or official Trail Life USA apparel.


SKIT/SONG:   Each Troop is asked to have a skit or song for the Saturday night campfire.


LEADERSHIP MEETING:   9:00 PM Friday night at Area Headquarters.  1st Officer and at least 1 Adult Leader is required to attend.


WASTE:   Waste water and trash must be disposed of in designated areas only.  Please practice Tread Lightly principals.


TROOP CAMP FIRES:   Troop campfires must be in the designated fire rings. No digging.  Bring your own fire wood or there may be a limited supply available to purchase.


PIER PASSES:   Each registration will include a pass to fish on the Bogue Inlet Pier.  Those not wishing to fish may get a walking pass instead.  Each fishing pass allows a maximum of 2 rods.  Coolers, snacks, etc are allowed on the pier.  Please see http://www.bogueinletpier.com/ for more details.


FISHING LICENCES:   Fishing from the pier does NOT require a fishing licence as it is included in the pier pass.  Fishing from the surf, DOES require a NC Coastal fishing license for anyone 16 years or older.  A 10 day license is $5.  See www.ncwildlife.org for more information.


POLES AND TACKLE:   Please bring your own fishing rods and tackle.  Appropriate gear would be medium weight rods, 20lb test line, bottom rigs, 3-8 oz weights.  The pier house has fishing poles, tackle, and bait available for purchase or rent.  Bait, tackle, or pole rental is NOT included in the junction registration.


BOATS:   Please DO NOT bring your boats to this Junction.  Due to the limited space at the campground, and the increased logistics and safety concerns of having multiple boats and parties, as well as promoting fair competition, the Junction will focus on pier and surf fishing only.


TRANSPORTATION TO THE PIER:   Each troop is responsible for their own transportation from the campground to the pier just under 6 miles away.  Parking at the pier is free for fishermen.


TRADING POST:   Trail Life USA Eastern NC will operate a Trading Post offering a variety of drinks, snacks, and merchandise both at the camp and on the pier and beach.   All proceeds will serve the needs of the Trail Life USA program in Eastern N.C.


PATCHES:   Each registered Trailman and Leader will receive a 2016 Junction patch on Sunday morning after the successful completion of the unit’s campsite inspection.  Extra patches from this event will be available at checkout while supplies last for $1/patch.  After the event, those patches are $15.


SAFETY & FIRST AID:   Minor first aid is the Units responsibility. Major first aid problems will be handled by calling 9-1-1 and alerting Junction first aid staff.  First Aid Station will be provided.


SWIMMING:   In late October it will most likely be too cold to swim.  If, your troop wishes to swim on the beach, all Trail Life USA Health and Safety Guidelines must be followed, including passing a swim test, and appropriate lifeguards and leadership.  Junction staff will NOT be supervising swimming nor do we encourage it.


MEDICATIONS:   The unit leaders are responsible for any medication needs of their campers per the Trail Life USA Health and Safety Guide.  Refrigeration is not available.  Please advise us in advance of any special needs.


NO NO’s:   No…firearms, trenching of tents, public tobacco use, alcohol, abusive language, etc…


WEATHER:   Event is rain or shine.  Emergency shelter will be the shower house or pier house in the event of severe weather.

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